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Chrissy Cupcake

Sports writers NEEDED!

Calling all writers!

If you love sports and you love to write, then please click the cut and read on. Campus Philly is in need of some sports writers!

By now, you probably know that the world of journalism can be a cruel,
harsh world if you don't have the right tools – one of the main tools,
of course, being experience. But actually getting the experience can
be hard, time consuming, and stressful. Here at Campus Philly, we know
you guys are stressed out enough with everything else that you do, so
we're here to make things a little easier.

Campus Philly is looking for any and all writers who want to get their
name out there and get some clips. Since Campus Philly is a non-profit
organization, we can't offer you cash, but we can offer you the chance
to get some experience, make some contacts, and to do it at your own

To write for us, all you have to do is contact one of our editors, and
you're set! No resume required, no lengthy waiting process – we just
put your name on our writers list, and you're in. From there, you will
be receiving e-mails – usually on a weekly basis – from your section editor(s)
including available story ideas. If you see something that sparks your
interest, and you feel like writing, just write your editor back and
you can work out the details from there. You're also always more than
welcome to come to us with your own ideas. For the most part, you'll
have about a week to write the story, and a few days later, you'll be
published on our website ( And if you don't feel
like writing for a while, that's fine too. It's all up to you.

* For more information on the Sports and/or Professional sections,
please contact Chrissy Reese at

* For more information on the Arts and Entertainment section, please
contact Brittany Sturges at

* For more information on the Community and/or Foods sections, please
contact Prasana William at

* For any other questions regarding Campus Philly, or to just be put on the general writers' list, please contact Editor in Chief Nicole Woods at


Campus Philly Editorial Staff
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